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  • Mar 2nd - Uni Day

Uni Info and here

Nightsteed Avatar Visit the Lookup of a Halloween Uni (Please do not bug the owner of this Pet)
only available between 8pm nst and 6am nst

Bon Appetit Avatar Visit the Kelp restaurant, After you get in, you have your dinner, cheapest thing on the menu is 7K so take lots of NP. When they "Doggy Bag" the leftovers is when you get the avatar. It is random so you may have to visit repeatedly to get the avatar

Beauty Avatar Groom your pet, any grooming item will do

Faboo Avatar You need to buy an item of clothing from Uni Fashion with a rarity of 80+ - here is a list of a few - Usuki Sunglasses, I Love Turtums T-Shirt, Studded Collar, Valentines Day T-Shirt, Cybunny X Ray Glasses, Kougra Collar, Cybunny Collar, Ornate Usul Collar,Red Cap, JubJub T-shirt, Yellow Mortog T-Shirt, Blue Cap, Orange Cap, Green JubJub Cap, War Chia Top, - The full list is on the avatars page

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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