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Pet Transferring Guides

Getting ready

The first thing you have to do is to prepare your pet. Do you want the equipment to go with it? Do you want the petpet to go with it? If not, simply unequip the items and leave the petpet in your inventory.
Now at the disown page, take a screenie of your pet you're disowning and save it (VERY important, you MUST do this)
Also, write down ALL the information of your pet that is detailed in Quick Ref. Why must you take a screenie and write down all the information? Read on, and slowly, you will understand.
Remember to take from your bank 250 NP
What you need now, is a fast Internet connection. I am using Internet Explorer, which is not relatively quick. From what I've read, however, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Navigator are the best. It would also be wiser if you got the latest versions. You see the reasons, don't you?
The transfer
Firstly, however, you must open the windows xD
  • Open 3 windows.
  • In the first, go to the disown page.
  • In the second, go to the loginpage. Type the username you want your pet to go to and hit 'Log In to Neopets!'. Next window, write your password, but DO NOT hit the 'Submit' button.
  • In the third, go to the auto - adopt link. Don't know it?

Obviously, where it says 'Pet_name_goes_here' you insert the pets name. I strongly recommend to go to that link with 0 NP. Why? Because it will say,

'You need ------ to adopt Pet_name_goes_here!'

Where the lines are are going to be the amount of NP, and where it says 'Pet_name_goes_here' is going to be the pets' name. So simply withdraw the NP from your bank needed.

Simple, not? On to the real transferring part now!

  • Go to the first window. Abandon your pet.
  • As quick as flash, go to the second window, and login to your other account.
  • And in the third window, refresh (hold down F5 on your keyboard, much easier). Refresh roughly two times a second. Can't do it? Practise this before all these and you'll get the hang of it.

By this time, you should already have abandoned the pet in the first window, logged in to your other account in the second window, and adopted the pet in the third window.



Oh no! I didn't get the pet! Your method didn't work! LIAR!

Well, I'm very very very sorry this happened, but it just seems that you didn't perform all the instructions above, OR, your Internet isn't very fast.

So. Your pet got adopted by somebody else. What do you do? Cry in a corner till the end of the world comes? No. No, no, no, no, no! You try get it back of course. This is a form I've invented so you can ask the pet back. Fill all the necessary parts, and send it in a neomail to the new owner.

Dear -insert username here-,

I am truly very sorry to bother you, but my pet, -insert pets' name here- was in the pound and was adopted by you. I was attempting to transfer him/her to one of my accounts, but unfortunately, the transfer didn't succeed and he/she was adopted by you. Not that I'm saying that you are a bad person. But it would be really wonderful if you could set up a time to put him/her back in the pound. Thank you for reading my message.

Best regards,

-insert your name here-

Well. That's it. If the new owner is underage and cannot receive neomessages, wait a few days, weeks, months, or years, until he/she grows up or completes the form to access neomail and such.


The new owner refused.

Then it's time to contact the Neopets team. Send an email to TNT. Now, remember, in the beginning, where we said to take a screenie and write down the detailed information? Include those too as proof (if you don't know a free image hosting site, is perfect). Also, display some other proof that the pet was indeed yours. Explain the situation, how the transfer didn't work. And lastly, and very important, say how much you love the pet. Alright, that might be a bit far-fetched, but at least say something, like, how close you were to the pet. VERY important: do not use chatspeak, or be rude. Try to make your words kind and gentle, make them feel sorry for you xD

Remember: TNT get zillions of messages everyday. It is very likely that you will get your reply in a week. If not, send the message a few more times.

If you get your pet back, well done! If not, don't get too sad. Bad luck is part of life on neopets.


Is there a way to avoid this?

Yes, yes, yes, of course there is!

But you have to have MS Paint (Microsoft Paint). Most computers have it. If you don't have it, don't bother reading.

  • Open 3 windows of MS Paint.
  • In the first window, make something shaped like the button to disown your pet.
  • In the second window, make something shaped like the button to login to your account.
  • And in the third - write the adoption link and keep holding down F5 roughly two times a second.

Now if you perform this, you should get an A+ in transferring pets. As they say, practise makes perfect!

by natasa_b93

A far more easier way to transfer your pet is simply having Internet Explorer AND Firefox/Netscape/any other browser! Why? Because you can stay logged in with BOTH accounts at the same time! To get two browsers, decide which ones, search on google for it and you will probably find it as the first site listed.

Have both browsers open, that way you can see both accouts and make them take up half of the screen each. Browser 1 has the pet you are transfering, opened at the pounding page. Browser 2 has the "Find a Pet search Engine opened. Make sure you copy-paste the name of the pet before you start so you save time!

To transfer it, simply click on the button "kick me out" or "get rid of me" (the button to abandon your pet) until it starts refreshing the page and in your other browser just click on "find me my perfect pet". Then just click on the picture (you dont have to wait for it to load) and the pet is yours. I did it 4 times and i still found the pet in the pound after refreshing and searching for it twice. Just make sure you do it fast. Good Luck.

by djalexutz

Launched 1st Jan 2004

Neopets 2010
. All rights reserved. Used with permission
All other images and content