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Tonu - ton-oo

  • February 21st - Tonu Day

Tonu Info and here
(second link may not work correctly but I am leaving in anyway for when Neo make the pages up)

Ouch Avatar Visit the Lookup of a ill (has a sickness) Mutant Tonu ~ Thanks to jessitruck__27
Other possibly sick one here (are ill at the time of adding to Nutty)

Charge Avatar Battle a Darigan Tonu, if I find someone willing to accept challenges and agrees to have their name on here we will provide details

Plushie Avatar Donate any item with the word Plushie in the title to the Money Tree, do NOT use quickstock to donate

Dr Grumps Avatar You have to get over 900 at Gourmet Club Bowls - type "shepherd" on the opening game, before you even start, you will hear a round of applause, press continue, and you will receive double the score at the end of each round.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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