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  • September 25th - Skeith Day

Skeith Info and here
(second link may not work correctly but I am leaving in anyway for when Neo make the pages up)

score A+ (750+) at Wise Old King Thanks to winniecutiepie

Heads Avatar Score 320 and collect np at Double or Nothing Thanks to Aliens1881

Skeith avatar score 1000+ at Hungry Skeith

King Skarl Event when you tell the King a joke and score under 300 and get thrown out of his Kingdom

Plushie Tycoon Avatar Get a trophy at Plushie tycoon

Hungry Skeith Avatar Feed an item that contains the word Skeith to a Skeith, cheapest is a Skeith keying or Skeith Juice Cocktail (please do not create yet another pet to do this, there is hundreds in the pound)

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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