Shoyru - shoy-roo - Shoyrus - shoy-roos

  • April 2nd- Shoyru Day

Shoyru Info and here

YBIC Avatar Take your pet to a Yes Boy Ice-Cream concert, buy a ticket (I put up the daily concerts on the home page, so check daily to see if they are playing)

Tough Avatar OWN a Shoyru and WIN a 1 Player Battledome fight, Inflatable Balthazar is the easiest

Coco Roller Avatar Go to Click on the Submit Quest Codes link
An act of incredible kindness the following people MAY create codes, if any of them happen to inform you they no longer have the game on their phone, please let me know so I can remove their name, svalentine123, sawahsaurus, gamez555, december_blue1, limepinkmonkey

Bless you, Shoyru Avatar You need to bless a Shoyru with a bottled faerie (air usually works the most reliably)

Pirate Shoyru Avatar Click Here

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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