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  • June 13th - Quiggle Day

Quiggle Info and here

Mutant Quiggle Avatar Visit the Lookup of a Mutant Quiggle

Aaay Avatar Change your shopkeeper to Quiggle Bandit and view your shop front, Changing your shopkeeper from Emo Usuki will lose you that one, BUT you can get it back again and NOT lose the new one - Thanks to americancatgrl (visiting a shop of someone using the Quiggle Bandit shopkeeper also works, here is another)

Wheel Of monotony avatar Event landing on the ? on the The Wheel of Monotony ... this game is brain numbing, the avatar is an event after the wheel stops, it can take over 2 hours for the wheel to stop

Quiggle Day avatar You must OWN, an Island Quiggle, and visit its lookup

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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