Meerca - meer-ka - Meercas - meer-kas

  • August 18th - Meerca Day

Meerca Info and here

Villain Avatar Visit the Lookup of a Halloween Meerca, (please don't bug the owner of this pet) - Thanks to Lotr_Freak2493

Meerca Chase avatar Get 1250+ at Meerca Chase II

Heermeedjet & Meerouladen Avatars You need to gain Heermeedjet and Meerouladen as Battledone challenges, defeat them (mission 8)and then report back to the Defender Headquarters.
To get them as battledome challengers Visit the Desert Trapdoor and refresh (a lot) (if you get an old book, ignore it its from an old mystery)

Meuka Snot Avatar You need to beat him in the battledome - To get him you - Get Sneezles or Neoflu and take a look at your pets Quick Ref.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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