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  • May 2nd - Lupe Day

Lupe Info and here

King Avatar Visit the Hall of Heroes, King Altador's Statue

Tomos Avatar Have an item with Scarab in the name, in your inventory - like Burnt Scarab Cookie, JUST 1np out if you have more than 1np out it WILL NOT WORK and visit here, Blueberry Beetle Cracker in Spanish also apparently works and is much cheaper

a splode avatar Fight the 1 Player Challenger Ghost Lupe or Balthazar and LOSE (not the Inflatable Balthazar, your pet doesn't have to be a Lupe), 1 Player challenges against anyone with YOUR Lupe and you lose also works

Captain Scarblade avatar Visit here

Neoquest II Weakling Avatar you have to be beaten by a plains lupe in Neoquest II

Were Lupe Avatar You must OWN a Halloween Lupe and look at it the pets lookup

Ghost Lupe Avatar you need to beat the Ghost Lupe in the battledome

Go to 131 soup alley to get him as a opponent.

Lost Desert Stamp Avatar Complete the Lost Desert Stamp Collection

Jeran - Hero avatar Visit the Battle for Meridell war room

Lupe Defender Avatar Click Here

Launched 1st Jan 2004

Search & Win

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