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Acara - ack-ah-ra - Acaras - ack-ah-rahs

  • April 16th - Krawk Day

Krawk Info and here
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Island Krawk Avatar Visit the Lookup of a Island Krawk with an Island Petpet attached (Please do not bug the owner of this Pet)

Ghost Avatar You need to take your Krawk Pet (not petpet) to the Fungus Cave - Yes this means you need to OWN a Krawk Pet ~ Lin

Maraquan Krawk Avatar Visit the Lookup of a Maraquan Krawk

Pirate Krawk Avatar Click Here

there are 5 ways to get a Krawk

1. Change a petpet Krawk into a pet Krawk

  • Make sure you do not have 4 Neopets
  • Attach a Krawk Petpet to one of your Neopets. (they are VERY rare petpets almost impossible to buy)
  • Go to your Pet Status Page and Click On Krawk.
  • Once there, name it to your desired Krawk Neopet Name. (Must be a name that no other Neopet has)
  • Go to the Fungus Cave

If you want male Krawk you need to add it to male pet. If you want female Krawk add it to female pet.

Important info : if your Krawk petpet has a Petpetpet attached, it will disappear when you change itto the new pet.

2. Krawk Morphing Potions or Krawk Transmogrification potion

3. Find one in the pound,(but very hard)

4. Lab Ray (may take quite a while)

5. get your pet to play with a Magical Krawk Plushie (Extremely rare & Expensive)

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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