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Kiko - kee-koh - Kikos - kee-kohs

  • July 17th - Kiko Day

Kiko Info and here

Snack Time Avatar feed any Neopet anything (not Gross Food) between 3 - 4am or pm NST (11 - 12am or pm UK time)

Rock On Avatar

1. just go to
2. right click on the page and then select view source
3. hit ctrl+f and type in music
4. then copy and paste the link it gives you into your address bar

Ouch Avatar Visit the Lookup of a Clay Pet (please don't bug the owner of this pet)

Kiko Ninja avatar Have the Niten Hiroru card in your inventory, and go to the Neopedia article about Niten Hiroru

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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