Kacheek - ka-cheek - Kacheeks - ka-cheeks

  • January 29th - Kacheek Day

Kacheek Info and here

Mutant graveyard of Doom Avatar (yes there is another with an identical name)
  Play Mutant Graveyard of Doom II and score a minimum of 2250 (you don't get an event notice)

Herder Avatar Score 250+ at Extreme Herder

Must Keep Smiling Avatar Random - Play Kacheek Seek and find your pet

Kacheek Swim avatar Take your Kacheek to the Beach on Mystery Island (make sure it's your active pet)

Evil Eliv Thade avatar Score 1300 points or more in The Castle of Eliv Thade, You only need to score 950 points, then go to the crypt additional points for completing give enough for the avatar. To score 950 I recommend, that you go around all the rooms, then get back to where you started, and keep moving max spaces to get 7 letter words, each word correctly identified gives you 10 points, this may take a while to do, but its the only way to exceed 950

Doomed avatar Go to the Game Graveyard and refresh a LOT (thanks to tha_baddest_1ne)

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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