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  • June 6th - JubJub Day

JubJub Info and here

Ugg Ugg Avatar Visit the Lookup of an Tyrannian Jubjub

Charmer Avatar Take your pet to a Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers concert, buy a ticket (I put up the daily concerts on the home page, so check daily to see if they are playing)

Battle JubJub avatar Visit the Lookup of any JubJub

Evil Fuzzle Avatar play with a BLUE Evil Fuzzle, until BOO! you get the avatar (this can take many many attempts, best to keep your item popup box open and keep refreshing, it does scare your chosen pet though and makes it unhappy)

Coconut JubJub Avatar If you have a coconut JubJub feed them an item with the word coconut in it (you can only get coco JubJub at the fountain or the lab ray)

Mutant JubJub Avatar Turn your pet into a Mutant using Transmogrification Potion, Its called JubJub av - but you can transform any pet mutant and still get the av

Tyranu Evavu Avatar Play Tyranu Evavu! & Get a winning streak of 15 or more

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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