Grundos are restricted, which means you don't make them like normal pets, To Make a Grundo
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Grundo - grun-doh - Grundos - grun-dohs

  • August 24th - Grundo Independence Day

Grundo Info and here

Terror Avatar score 3500+ at Typing Terror

Gormball avatar Win a game of Gormball

Freak Grundo avatar Score 1250+ at Freaky Factory

Grundo - Forever Orange Avatar OWN an Orange Grundo and go to the lookup.

Grundo Warehouse Avatar Go to Grundo Warehouse in virtupets space station and enter A384J-228P1 on the section where it says 10 character code ~ It is case sensitive so remember to enter the code in caps

Faerie Grundo Avatar Visit the Lookup of a Faerie Grundo

Grundo Snow Throw Avatar score 10,000 in Snow Wars II

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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