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  • October 10th - Eyrie Day

Eyrie Info and here
(second link may not work correctly but I am leaving in anyway for when Neo make the pages up)

Robo Avatar Put a Robo pet item in your neohome - Thanks to scampbindi (like Robo Chia), robo quiggles do work if you change language to japanese (2nd one from the bottom) before adding it to you're neohome, many thanks to the many different people that told me about the Quiggles

Lord Kass minion Avatar Visit Lord Kass's Gallery of Evil entry here

Lord Kass avatar Score 850+ at Kass Basher

Plushie Eyrie Avatar
Go to post a new topic
Put squawk as the topic title and topic message and nothing else. no quotes, no other words. JUST squawk and squawk alone. Make sure you spell it right
Click Create Topic
You should get the random event, and the board will not be created.

Got Dubloons? avatar Train a pet at the Swashbuckling Academy, you will receive the avatar when the course completes (you need to press finish to get the avatar)

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