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Cybunny - sigh-bun-ee - Cybunnies - sigh-bun-ees

  • April 27th - Cybunny Day

Cybunny Info and here

Plush Avatar Visit the Lookup of a Plushie Cybunny, whilst having a plushie in your inventory ~ Thanks to reba1795

Wise, Powerful & Crazy You get it playing Neoquest 1, you have to beat the Archmagus of Roo in the Temple of Roo, then give the Clouded Gem to Erick the Crazy Bunny

Who Me? avatar Visit a Pink Cybunny's Lookup (please don't bug the owner of this pet) - Thanks to rockyismine

Garlic avatar feed your pet an item with the word "GARLIC" in it, Garlic Bread Halves is the obvious, but feeding a Skeith a Garlic Shield, see avatar page for more info

Cybunny Day Avatar you have to beat a bionic cybunny in chapter/level 5 of Neoquest II - (for those of you already finished nqII, you are going to have to start all over again....sigh)

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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