Chia - chee-ah - Chias - chee-ahs

  • November 14th - Chia Day

Chia Info and here
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Feed Me Score 250+ in Feed Florg

Ice Cream Machine score 14750+ at Ice Cream Machine (it might be lower)

Bleh! Avatar Click here

Mad About Orange Avatar Hold at least 8 different items with the word orange in the name, in your inventory and refresh (I have known it happen with 8 items, also some people have said they had up to 12, one report of it working with 7)

Kasuki Lu - Heeyah Avatar Beat Kasuki Lu in the Battledome - to get him as an opponent you must look as his collectable card in your items. to beat him, you can try some really expensive weapons or you can throw 2 sticky snowballs at him.

Pea avatar You need to equip a super attack pea, to a Pea Chia

Carrot avatar Feed you pet an item with the word carrot in (carrot and Pea omelette is the cheapest)

Now, unlike all the other species, the Chia can be changed into fruit and vegetable colours.

This can be done, either by, Lab ray, rainbow fountain, or using magical chia pops.

these can be bought from Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, trades or auctions - make sure they are the magical ones, otherwise your just going to waste your money. (it doesn't have to say magical btw)

Below is the full list of Chia pops that will alter your Chias appearance.

Chia pop name turns chia
Apple Chia Pop
Asparagus Chia Pop
Aubergine Chia Pop
Avocado Chia Pop<
Magical Blueberry Chia Pop
Carrot Chia Pop
Chokato Chia Pop
Durian Chia Pop
Gooseberry Chia Pop
Grape Chia Pop
Lemon Chia Pop
Magical Lime Chia Pop
Magical Orange Chia Pop
Onion Chia Pop
Pea Chia Pop
Peach Chia Pop
Pear Chia Pop
Pepper Chia Pop
Pineapple Chia Pop
Plum Chia Pop
Thornberry Chia Pop
Tomato Chia Pop
there is a strawberry chia but that's done using a paintbrush

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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