• January 11th - Buzz Day

Buzz Info and here
(second link may not work correctly but I am leaving in anyway for when Neo make the pages up)

Attack Mode Avatar Visit The Buzz Caption Contest Page, in your browser select View, go to source, press ctrl f in the text file that opens, in the search box type buzz1, an area looking similar to this - /games/caption/caption_archive.phtml?buzz1=5542449093&place=664 (the numbers are different for everyone) will appear, you must insert before the slash, then the complete link can beentered into the browser address bar, viewing that link will get you the avatar

Baby Buzz in the search bar (the one on the left) type "i love baby buzz!" (don't forget the ! and without the "")

Buzzin' Avatar You have to paint your buzz at the rainbow fountain.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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