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How do I get a limited edition Neopet?
Limited edition means there is only a certain number of that species in the world. From time to time more of this species will be released (although it isn't very often) and you will have the chance to adopt one.

Otherwise you may be lucky and find one in the pound, or you may get hold of a morphing potion to turn one of your existing pets into the species you are looking for.

Pet Colour Changing Random Events

There are several events that change the colour of your pet permanently (you would need to paint or morph it to change it back)

If your pet gets Angry (possibly from trying to feed it something it doesn't like, or trying to play with a broken toy) it may turn RED

If your pet has the Mood : depressed in the quick ref, then it may change to a BLUE pet

If you receive a Random Event visit from Boochi (and get the Battledome Challenger) one of your pets may be turned into a Baby, Boochi fires his ray gun at ****, but thankfully he misses! also gets the Challenger, but not the Baby Pet

It is believed there may be another totally random event that turns pets Baby, I have had a number of reports of it, but no real detail of the event

"Where is (neopet's name)?  You can't seem to find him anywhere!" - Pet turns INVISIBLE

A confirmation exists on the Garlic Pets

To get one you need to give your JubJub or Kiko a lot of food with garlic in the title - total amount needed is probably lots and random - Lin.

With the recent redraws of the pets by Neopets for the customising feature, many of your beloved pets will now look significantly different, I have been given the following petpage which shows the old and new looks, please be warned it has a LOT of images and may not be suitable for those on dial up

A Pet Transferring Guide has been sent to Nutty, if it doesn't work for you do NOT complain to me - update 29th April 2008 with the changes in the Pound mentioned here the guide will no longer be needed unless you use up your 1 per month limit and still wish to use the old method

NOTICE: You can now securely exchange Neopets between accounts. If you go to the last step of the transfer process you will see a line below the Neopet asking if you would prefer to exchange Neopets instead of using a transfer.

2nd Apr

To start off Shoyru Day in a pleasing manner Shoyru can now be painted Chocolate and the new colour of Relic at the Rainbow Pool!

20th March

Chombies can be painted Zombie and Electric now at the Rainbow Pool - how fun!

13th March

The Scorchio can now be painted Halloween and Checkered at the Rainbow Pool!

6th March

Happy Gelert Day everyone! Gelerts can now be painted Tyrannian and Biscuit at the Rainbow Pool!

2nd March

Someone seems to be playing a prank on the Uni as there couldn't be such a thing as a Jelly Uni!

24th Feb

Oh, The Mynci can now be painted Strawberry and Gold at the Rainbow Pool!

23rd Feb

The Tonu can now be painted two more shiny colours at the Rainbow Pool!

18th Feb

Now you can paint your Chia Darigan or Speckled at the Rainbow Pool!

12th Feb

Give your Lenny a new look with one of these colours!

3rd Feb

Happy Zafara Day everyone! To start things off Zafaras can now be magically transformed into a rather yummy Chocolate version or a rather scary Zombie version!

29th Jan

Head over to the Rainbow Pool if you've been wanting a Biscuit or a Zombie Kacheek.

23rd Jan

There is a strange mix of cheers and crying around the Rainbow Pool... it seems that the Lutari and Krawk can now be painted Baby.

16th Jan

If you have always wanted a Silver Elephante, now is the perfect time for a trip to the Rainbow Pool!

Mmmm... now this is a rather tasty looking Chocolate Elephante, but we don't suggest that you try eating one.

12th Jan

If you like hanging out in the dark and shadows then there are two new colours you might like for the Buzz available at the Rainbow Pool!

7th Jan

The Gnorbu can now be gussied up in two more colours at the Rainbow Pool!

5th Jan

Paint your Aisha Day tasty by painting your Aisha either Biscuit or Custard at the Rainbow Pool!

29th Dec

To start off Ogrin Day, you might want to paint your Ogrin a new colour at the Rainbow Pool!

25th Dec

Ohh what's this? It seems a Christmas Chomby has been spotted around the Rainbow Pool...

12th Dec

Wockies can now be painted to look like delicious Biscuits at the Rainbow Pool!

5th Dec

These new Bruce Colours look quite tasty... however best not to try to eat them.

1st Dec

Xweetoks can now be painted Desert and Speckled at the Rainbow Pool.

26th Nov

Usuls might want to take a dip in the Rainbow Pool to become one of these colours.

10th Nov

Ice and Silver Pteri seem to be emerging from the Rainbow Pool.

31st Oct

BOO! This Halloween Chomby has been spotted around the Rainbow Pool...

27th Oct

Eeeek! Keep an eye out for these new Korbats that are emerging from the Rainbow Pool.

16th Oct

There are two new brushes for Jetsams to dip into the Rainbow Pool.

14th Oct

Just in time for the holiday, Eyies can now be painted Halloween at the Rainbow Pool!

13th Oct

To start off Bori Day, Bori can now be painted Electric and Grey at the Rainbow Pool!

10th Oct

If you own an Eyrie, you can now turn them into a checkered version with the aid of the right paint brush and the Rainbow Pool!

6th Oct

To start off Grarrl day you might like to transform your favourite Neopet into a Camouflage or Snot version at the Rainbow Pool.

26th Sept

Now the Skeith can be a bit scary or glowing if they have the right paintbrush and know where the Rainbow Pool is!

22nd Sept

Yay, the Hissi can now be painted Faerie at the Rainbow Pool!

19th Sept

Poogles can now be transformed into Maraquan and Shadow versions at the Rainbow Pool!

15th Sept

If you own a Gnorbu, they can now be transformed into an amazing chocolate version!

12th Sept

Happy Techo Day everyone! To start things off, you can now turn your Techo into Lost Desert and Electric versions at the Rainbow Pool!

9th Sept

Have your Draik take a dip in the Rainbow Pool to get these new Zombie and Gold colours!

1st Sept

Any Kyrii would be terribly excited about the new chocolate and speckled colours now at the Rainbow Pool.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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