Mynci Beach Volleyball

NP Ratio:
200NP per 100pts scored

score 800+

Type turdle creates a turdle on your opponents side

Type dirigibles makes a blimp float across the top of the screen

Mystery Island is great, it's hot most of the year, and there is always a beautiful tropical breeze. Why not head down to the beach and play a spot of Volleyball? Mynci Beach Volleyball to be precise!

To play, simply use the arrow keys to go left, right and jump. Hit the ball over the net, and try and make it land in the opponent's court.

When you hit the pawakeet (the green bird) that is fly above your game, you get different powerups. Here are some:

Supersize: It makes you two times bigger than your opponent.

Super Jump: It makes you jump very high. It is not very good because sometimes you are in the air when the ball is coming back down.

Big Net: It makes the net taller, and on my opinion harder to get over.

Small Net: Makes the net smaller.  It is very easy to get over for you and your opponent.

Giant Ball: The ball gets bigger and easier to hit.  If you get this and supersize at the same time, you are in really good shape for the rest of that game.

Watch the Turdle: It makes a Turdle appear on the opposite side of the net.  If you go on top of it, it will hold you there for four seconds.  I find it to be a distraction!

Certain powerups you can not have at the same time. So, if you have a really good power up, try not to hit the bird that gives you the power ups.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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