Usuki Frenzy

NP Ratio:
100NP per 100pts scored

A young Cybunny named Lucie was about to leave for a vacation with her parents when she realised that she'd forgotten to pack a few crucial items - her Usuki doll sets! How will she spend those long hours of travel without them? Lucie's parents have given her three minutes to run back into the house and grab all of her favourite Usuki doll sets. Can you help Lucie collect everything she needs before time is up?

These tips worked for the old version, they MAY work for the new one

Here is an ancient tip to usuki frenzy, and it makes a big diffrence!

Before opening the window to play the game, go to "select quality" and choose "low". she will move much more quickly. - the Ritzy

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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