NP Ratio:
682NP per 100pts scored

score 100+

Type catapult unlimited random powerups during the game

That sharp-shooting Turtum is back again in Ultimate Bullseye II! Use all of your archery skills to hit the bullseye with your ballista (a giant crossbow on wheels). You'll have 10 shots to earn as many points as possible. .. and to show off your targeting talents!

If you manage to hit the bullseye, you'll earn a special power-up to use on a later shot. If you're lucky enough to land your arrow in the bullseye on your last shot, though, you'll get to keep on firing until you miss!

Everything Below relates to the Original Ultimate Bullseye game, it may still be relevant, so I am leaving it in place until I know one way or another.

The idea of this game is to use the up and down keys to aim an arrow, and the space bar to shoot the arrow, as close as possible to the red circle in the center of the board.

Power Ups: These happen when you get a "bullseye" (when the arrow hits inside the red circle.) The score you get while using a power up is double. The following are power-ups:

1.)a close-up board: I find this the hardest to use. If you get this power up, give the power of the arrow about 3/4 of what you would usually do.

2.) an expanding circle: This is when the red circle expands and then gets smaller over and over again. It's best to try and shoot the arrow right when the circle starts to get bigger, so the area you are shooting is larger.

3.) The fire hoop: When there is a hoop, covered in fire, the object is to get the arrow through the fire, but still landing inside the red circle. This can sometimes be hard because the hoop and board are not always parallel.

4.) Dummy with apple: For this power-up, you must hit the apple on the dummies head to earn any points. This is the only way to earn points, so you earn 20 points when you hit the apple.

All in all, the best way to win this game is to have LOTS of patience and to not try and shoot the arrow without aiming.

Review by anglgrl_02

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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