Turmac Roll

NP Ratio:
100NP per 100pts scored

Berry scores increase , depending on which level you play, double points on the medium level and the hard level the berries scores are x 3.

The aim of the game is to get as many berries as possible, although some are totally out of reach, so don't lose concentration, by attempting to get them (unless its of of the higher point berries), just carry on to the next one.

by keeping your finger on the right arrow key, you keep turmac at a constant speed, pressing up only to jump over tree stumps and spikey hills, the instructions of the game tells you to avoid the holes, but this actually doesn't do anything, so they are ok to roll over.

you get points for just rolling, so if you haven't had a berry for a while don't worry,

each time you play you get a different order of berries and hills, so its hard to make a game plan, just have to work out your timings and when to jump, If you press jump hard, turmac jumps higher than the screen and normally jumps again when he comes down off the rebound, so try and avoid big jumps, if you are lucky and on a roll, you can even jump off the spikes without it killing you.

Each point you get equals each np you receive, max of 3 plays per day and 1k each play.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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