Trouble at the National Neopian

NP Ratio:
100NP per 100pts scored

You're a cashier at the National Neopian, and it's an extremely busy day! Not only are people coming in by the dozen to deposit money, a nasty band of thieves has decided to come and steal it all. It's your job to work the security system to keep the customers in and the robbers out!

To control the security system you must use the keyboard. The keys S, D, F control the three doors to the left of the screen, and the keys J, K, L control the other three. Only press the security system when you see a robber! You'll recognise the bad guys by their wanted posters below. Also, there is a rumour that a new mystery criminal who has recently escaped jail is on the loose.

If you don't activate the alarm, the robber will steal half of your Neopoints! (the ones in the game, not the ones you have earned!) Also, pressing the alarm for no reason will cost you for unnecessary use of the alarm system (it's expensive to maintain!) Lastly, you can press the Space Bar to turn 100 NP into a big gold bar (robbers can't steal those as they are too heavy)

when you get up to level 8, there is a red techo is black clothing - he also steals from you. - mischa_rox

It is a lot easier if you have someone help you on the higher levels so you only have to watch four doors. - bookwormwebgirl

if you change the size to "small" it'll be easier for you to catch the bandits. ~The_Panther17_Fan

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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