ToyBox Escape

NP Ratio:
100NP per 100pts scored

Doctor Sloth is up to his old tricks again! His latest batch of robotic Neopets did not go according to plan... they had no weapons, no malice, no anger... they were useless for taking over the world, and so he threw them away... into a place he knew they would never escape from...

Your job is to get these Robotic Neopets to safety. On each level you must use each Neopet's special ability to try and guide all the Neopets into the exit (little brown door) in the fastest time possible. Each Neopet has a special ability (for instance the Kougra can dig and the Mynci can climb).

Lastly, watch out for the spikes, lava and other dangers that you would usually find in the toybox of an evil scientist :) Good luck!

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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