TNT Staff Smasher

NP Ratio:
35NP per 100pts scored

Score 2250+ (possibly lower)

Type a5paragu5 once a game to get a giant mallet.

We start off this week by making a loud Grrggggggrgrrrrrrrrr sound... direct this towards the neopets staff, for being evil and choosing the Usul and Yellow Mynci as the neopets on this game that you are not supposed to hit, because they are very people colored, and you can easily hit them thinking they are staff. Then proceed to select your biggest hammer and give them all a good whacking... wait... that's the whole point of the game...

So score 75 points in 30 seconds by hitting the evil staff members, remember they are the ones who put up the prices in the hidden tower, and make the snow faerie ask for impossibly expensive items in exchange for a Poogle Helmet! So grab your mouse, and the space bar, and lets go

TNT Staff Smasher...

The dark skinned guy with the facial hair (+12), the annoying guy in the orange shirt with scruffy hair (+11), and the guy with glasses that pops up very randomly, are the guys who give out the highest points.

Most of the girls are over +10 and Poptart gives out the most +20. by tehsmecksayness

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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