The Last Smiley

NP Ratio:
200NP per 100pts scored

OMGHI2U!!! lol ^_^... did u see wut he posted??? :)
ummm neo is broke, smileys arent working :[ :[

Yes, on that fateful day the smileys were indeed not working. They had been stolen and whisked away to a place far, far away where they would have all the colour removed from them and would become plain, boring text. The players of Neopets would no longer laugh out loud, there would be no more rolling on the floor, and they could try as hard as they liked but their ... ummm .... arms would never come off.

In this game you play The Last Smiley. You must find, and liberate the other smileys and make your way through the world of Neopia back to the NeoBoards where you belong.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

Search & Win

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