The Castle of Eliv Thade

NP Ratio:
200NP per 100pts scored

Score 1175+ points

Eliv Thade, is an anagram game, you need to get in and out the rooms, however there is a catch to the amount you can move.

Type rehaxtint whilst playing the level and it will give you, one extra letter hint.

You can move 1, 2, or 3 spaces using the mouse, but beware - each time you move Thade will give you an anagram, and the further you try to move the harder the anagram will be! Watch out for the cracked floor also - you don't want to fall into the basement, oh no, that would be bad!

I suggest that you find a decent anagram solver, and have it open in another browser. if in such cases that there are a number of solutions to the anagram, you can ask for an extra letter, this will give you the first letter to the word, you are limited to the amount of free letters given per game.

Anagram solving sites include : Andy's Anagram Solver, Wordsmith & Anagram Finder

after you enter the bedroom if you hover over the black spot with your mouse, a thing will show up reading saying "to move here requires a correct guess for a 5,6, or 7 letter word " click on it and guess correctly and a secret path will show up leading up to the up one space then one space left from the beggining of the game ~ kimbo_faerie89

(if your trying to get the avatar, You only need to score 950 points, then go to the crypt additional points for completing give enough for the avatar. To score 950 I recommend, that you go around all the rooms, then get back to where you started, and keep moving max spaces to get 7 letter words, each word correctly identified gives you 10 points, this may take a while to do.) a lower amount before the crypt MAY work, but 950 definitely works

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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