Sutek's Tomb

NP Ratio:
20NP per 100pts scored

Get a score of 2000

Type pyramibread Gives hint as to what match to make to line up 3 in a row (Unlimited Use)

Type scarabaeus 30 second bonus, one use

Type plzsutekcanihavemoretime 30 second bonus, one use

To play Sutek's Tomb you must swap two adjacent tiles (by clicking on each one in turn). Your aim - to score points by getting three, four or five tiles in a row. Set up combinations to earn bonus points. The Lucky Coin is indeed lucky, as it acts as a wildcard, and the Bomb will destroy all the symbols in a row, but only if it falls more than two blocks. Each winning combo also gives you extra time.

The staff member piece, if it reaches the bottom, clears the board and awards 500 points

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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