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Now you can play the classic Solitaire card game and win rare items and NP while doing so! If you are unfamiliar with how the game plays, be sure to click on the Rules button.

You can win 2 different types of trophies from Sakhmet Solitaire - one from the Hi-Score Table and the other type is given out at special times during the game.

It costs 50 NP per play, so what are you waiting for!

NOTE: There is a daily limit of 2500 Neopoints, although you can continue to play for free throughout the rest of the day once you have reached that limit. Although you will not be rewarded any Neopoints for the free games, the score you receive will still be added to your High Score!!!


  • There are two different levels you can choose to play, which determine the number of cards you are dealt per draw, as well as, how many times you can go through the deck. If you choose 1 card per draw, then you will go through each card in the deck one by one, but you will only be able to go through the deck once! On the otherhand, if you choose 3 cards per draw, you will be dealt 3 cards each time you click on the draw pile and you will be able to go through the deck three times.

  • The object of the game is to create four complete suit stacks in the Ace Piles that are on the top right section of the game board. The cards must be the same suit and they must be played in the following order:
    Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Jack, Queen, King.

  • When the game is started, the cards are shuffled and dealt out into the following piles:
    Draw Pile: This pile contains all of the cards that are left over after the initial deal. It is located in the top left section of the game board. You will be able to draw cards from this pile (1 or 3, depending on which level you chose) in an attempt to make a play. To draw cards from the Draw Pile, simply click on the pile and the cards will be dealt out to the Stack Pile.
    Stack Pile: This pile contains all of the cards that you have drawn from the Draw Pile. It is located to the right of the Draw Pile. To play the top card from your Stack Pile (which is the only card you can play from the Stack Pile), you click on the Stack Pile to select the card, and then click on the Column or Ace Pile that you want to play it on. Once you have gone through the entire deck, the cards in this pile will be placed back into the Draw Pile, unless of course, you have chosen 1 card per draw, in which case you would not have any draws left!
    Ace Piles: There are four Ace Piles, in which you must try to complete a full set of each suit (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds & Clubs). Also, remember that the cards must be played in order from the Ace (low) all the way up to the King. In other words, an open Ace Pile must be started with an Ace of one of the suits. That Ace must then be followed by the 2 of that same suit, then a 3, etc... Once you have played a card into one of the Ace Piles, you will not be able to remove it, so be sure that you will not need the card for anything else.
    Column Piles: There are seven Column Piles, which begin with the last card of each pile face up. To play a card on a Column Pile, the played card must be one lower and of the opposite color of the lowest card in the pile. For instance, if you have a 5 of Diamonds as the last card of one of your Column Piles, you would need to either play a 4 of Spades or a 4 of Clubs onto that pile (one lower, and the opposite color). If you have an open column (a column with no cards), you must play a King into the column. You can move a single card or multiple cards from one column to another, as long as all of the cards are legally played. For instance, you have a red 5, black 4, red 3 in one of you columns. If you have a black 6 in another column, you can click on the red 5 (which selects all of the cards below it as well), and then click on the column with the black 6. All of the cards will be transferred. To move a card from a Column Pile to an Ace Pile, simply click on the column that has the card you wish to play, and then click on the Ace Pile. If the play is legal, the card will be moved. Otherwise, you will get an error stating exactly what is wrong with the play you tried to make.
  • You score points when you move a card into one of the Ace Piles. You also receive bonuses for completing each Ace Pile (completing the full suit set, Ace through King).

  • The game is over when you have run out of draws and you have no more legal moves left, or when you have completed all four Ace Piles, in which case, you win! Once the game is over, click on Collect Winnings, which is above the game board. This will end your current game and update your scores.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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