NP Ratio:
38NP per 100pts scored

score 5000+

Type buuuurrrrrrrrp (4 x u and 8 x r) once during the game to reduce Dieter's bloatedness by 50, the word snowberries is allegedly supposed to do the same thing, but it has never worked for me

Type dieter and your score will increase by 100, but it is a fake and the score will return to normal before you submit

This is my own guide based on my own experiences and generally after a bit of practice it should help you get the avatar. Always keep an eye on the time and the bloat level, each munch of snow adds 5% to the bloated level, but stone blocks add 10%

Level 1, grab every gem you can, try and make as many large lots of snow fall, make sure you finish the level in time and with no lives lost, if you manage to score around 700 then move on to the next level, if for whatever reason it is less or you have lost a life, then my suggestion is to restart the game and try again. Don't lose any lives at this point, you can keep munching snow until you reach 100%, don't eat any after that or you will die.

Level 2, this is where the snow worms first appear and more importantly the purple gems, these are worth lots of points, if you can, go 2 blocks under the worms and munch up, the first block will release the gem and the second will make anything above the worm land on it and kill it so you can get the gem safely, in this level there are lots of worms and if you get seriously lucky with triggering a snowfall it can kill loads of worms so you just have to collect the gems, you can easy stack up lots of points, you don't want to complete this level, just munch as much as possible and wait for time to run out, as the level will start again with the next life and you can build up the score, do that until you have 1 life left, then you MUST complete level 2, from there on level 3 and so on you just do the best you can, the levels get harder but with practice you should get the avatar ~ Lin

At the beginning of each level, when you have the 3 huge bits of snow, bite down on the first one and then run to the side and bit down on the layer of snow below the previous layer that you haven't yet bitten then run out of the way. You'll get extra points without bloating when the layer falls ^^ - animals2606

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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