Petpet Cannonball

NP Ratio:
150NP per 100pts

Arrr, the pirates of Krawk Island were about to do a bit o'cannon-training, but some scoundrel's stolen all their cannonballs. Not put off by this, old Captain Pucebeard has ordered his men to use anything roughly the same size and shape as an alternative.


To play Petpet Cannonball you need to use the arrow keys to change the angle, and the Space Bar to fire. The longer you hold down the space bar, the further the Petpet will fly. Get the Petpet in the bucket to score points!

Petpet Cannonball Points

Level 1
Buzzer = 10pts
Slorg = 11pts
BaaBaa = 12pts
Faellie = 13pts
Angelpuss = 14pts
Snowbunny = 15pts

Level 2
Buzzer = 15pts
Slorg = 16pts
BaaBaa = 17pts
Faellie = 18pts
Angelpuss = 19pts
Snowbunny = 20pts

Level 3
Buzzer = 20pts
Slorg = 21pts
BaaBaa = 22pts
Faellie = 23pts
Angelpuss = 24pts
Snowbunny = 25pts

Level 4
Buzzer = 25pts
Slorg = 26pts
BaaBaa = 27pts
Faellie = 28pts
Angelpuss = 29pts
Snowbunny = 30pts

Level 5
Buzzer = 30pts
Slorg = 31pts
BaaBaa = 32pts
Faellie = 33pts
Angelpuss = 34pts
Snowbunny = 35pts
Tenna = 55pts

Level 6
Buzzer = 35pts
Slorg = 36pts
BaaBaa = 37pts
Faellie = 38pts
Angelpuss = 39pts
Snowbunny = 40pts

Level 7
Buzzer = 40pts
Slorg = 41pts
BaaBaa = 42pts
Faellie = 43pts
Angelpuss = 44pts
Snowbunny = 45pts

Level 8
Buzzer = 45pts
Slorg = 46pts
Baabaa = 47pts
Faellie = 48pts
Angelpuss = 49pts
Snowbunny = 50pts

This might be useless information, but i got bored so i tried to find the pattern -_emoxfaerie_

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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