Single Game Trophies

Cumulative Game Trophies

Test your skills in this game of strategy. With three levels of play, this game will surely challenge even the toughest players!

It only costs 30 NP per play, so start playing!

Your winning scores are now tallied up into a cumulative high score table. You can only win up to 3000 NeoPoints per day, but you can continue playing NeggSweeper for free in order to increase your high score!

1 1
3 4 3
2 3 2 1

the evil neggs are the only ones that can be on this screen and that the only places the can go or the bombs and numbers wont match...(there is always and equal amount of bombe amount a number as the number(1 will have 1 bomb, 2 will have 2...and so on up to max of 8 - brandon_eric118

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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