Meerca Chase II

NP Ratio:
120NP per 100pts scored

Score 1250+

The hungry Meerca is back - in the new improved Meerca Chase II!!! Race around the screen collecting Neggs of all different colours, from the lowly Happy Negg (yellow) to the super-rare Fish Negg. Avoid the Red Neggs at all cost - run in to one of these and it's game over.

This game should run a lot faster, and there are a few new modes to check out. Freestyle allows you to rotate instead of turning in 90-degree angles. Maze adds an extra element to the game field - evil hedges of death!

Tips (they may be helpful, or they may not)

Power Negg gives 200pts - _simple_as_that_

1. Launch 'Meerca Chase II' let it load, and then change the mode to Easy, Medium or Hard. Do not do anything after this.
2. After changing the mode to Easy, Medium or Hard, type in superextrahypergravitymode
(super extra hyper gravity mode) and a new mode (under Easy, Medium, or Hard) will unlock. It gives you A LOT of points for collecting neggs!! - waterdragon000

for meerca chase 2 if you click on the meerca's right eye it turns into adam (the staff member who does the games) holding to fish neggs! - natty293 - EDIT to correct, it is actually Ollie the Orange Shirt Guy

it appears that when you play the game for too long, the white dots that follow you in the game that resemble the collected neggs start to branch of randomly and move around the play screen on their own. if you hit them, the game ends. it happened to me recently while trying to get the meerca chase avatar. ~ monster45

select the mode and Difficulty, You have to type in ferociousneggsareontheloose and it goes to a mode where for every negg you pick up a red negg appears but it moves and chases you and you donít get a tail. ~ 67beachblonde67

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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