Meepit Juice Break

NP Ratio:
40NP per 100pts scored

Score 3500+

Type meepits give an Extra Life

Type juice-o-matic Resets ALL meepit's timers

In this game you are controlling the Juice-O-Matic, an overly complicated machine designed to deliver fresh Juppie Juice to Meepits. Click on the each pipe to rotate it clockwise so that there is a unbroken pipe between the Juppie Juice and the Meepits. Sometimes you will have to mix colours together to create a new one!

If a Meepit drinks Juppie Juice that is the same colour as them you get extra points (they are quite particular about what they drink). However, they will be satisfied with any colour. If a Meepit is not fed in time you will lose a life. Lose three lives and it's game over.

Game bonus's

Gives you bonus points

Gives you bonus points

Avoid these as much as possible, they make the meepit sick. and reduce your points

The game Meepit Juice Break is hard for a lot of people because its timed. But, what I do to save time, I work it backwards. Start at the meepit and connect the tubes. It doesn't matter if there are bad apples in the chain or is the juice isn't the same colour as the meepit. YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GET YOUR POINTS. Try to make the tube as possibly long as you can, that way, you get more points. I have gotten 450 neopoints from feeding ONE meepit. That is because I worked it backwards, and made the juice the same colour. ~ cute_fyora_princess

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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