Kass Basher

NP Ratio:
30NP per 100pts scored

score 850+

To win this game, follow the below tips and it should be very easy. It took me an hour to get the avvie due to this tip and I never knew how to play.

On the bottom left hand of the screen, wait for the Wind meter to hit 9 meters per second.

When it reaches 9 meters, hit the Kass and as it is going up, hold down the space bar.  As it goes down, release the space bar. When it hits the ground each time, you should hear a noise. Everytime you here that noise, press the spacebar. The spacebar helps because it allows your Kass to stay in the air longer than usual. After you reach 800 *once you get to hard, this is easy to get* send score and you can get the avvie. ~ magicmaster2004364

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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