Jelly Blobs of Doom

NP Ratio:
150NP per 100pts scored

Type fishnegg while playing, it creates a fishnegg, if you manage to eat it you get 50 extra points

Type rainbownegg while playing, it creates a rainbownegg, if you manage to eat it you get 25 extra points

In a world where everything is made out of jelly, it's eat or be eaten. It was a time of war, a time of heroes. He was a Chomby. A very hungry Chomby. There was only one who could help him fulfill his destiny.

Then THEY came.

Before playing the game, make it 'fullsize'. so, when this jelly blobs window pops up, click on the bottom left where it says 'normal',click on it and choose 'fullscreen' this will let you have much more room to dodge bigger jellies. - name not given for this tip

On jelly blobs of doom if you type alot of random text you will see a blob half the size of the screen and it will say you should not enter random text you never know what will happen - brookwood2000

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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