Invasion of Meridell

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Objective: you must defend your Meridell villages against the invading monsters!

How you win: defeat all of the invading Neopets in each battle.

How you lose: when the invading Neopets destroy four out of your six villages, or when all of your troops are defeated.

Whenever one of your pieces is defeated, it converts to the evil side and begins to attack you! Likewise, whenever you defeat an invading Neopet, it is restored to its normal Meridell self and fights for you. A piece is 'converted' when its health is zero or less. If a pet gets converted to the evil side, and then you convert it back, none of its items or attributes return.

How to you move your pieces: click your piece to select it for movement and then click the square you wish to move it to.

You can move in any direction, up or down, left or right, but not onto a village, other troops or a mountain and you can only move 1 square at a time.

You can move a maximum of 5 squares per turn. Each piece has a limit to how many squares it can move. You can move 5 pieces 1 square each, or a Moehog 3 squares and a Techo 2 squares, but the sum of all moves is no more then 5. A legend on the gameboard will indicate how many squares each species of pet can move.

How you attack: you must be adjacent to an invading Neopet to attack it. Once you are adjacent, just click on the enemy piece. The computer will calculate your attack strength variables against the defender's defence strength to determine if you hit it. If you did, the computer will calculate the damage done.

Make sense so far? If so, then go here for a quick strategy guide and info about 'Lost Items'.

If the above info is a little murky, you might want to click around a little bit so you have a better idea of the whole thing: review your troops and then head to the battlefield. (Be sure you come back here, though! You'll need the strategy guide to really win!)

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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