Imperial Exam

NP Ratio:
100NP per 100pts scored

The imperial examination is starting, and everyone wants to be a top scholar! Examination seats are limited, though, so only those who are qualified can enter to take the exam. However, there are some unqualified Neopians trying to enter. You and your guards are watching the gate. You will spot which Neopets are qualified and which are not. Those who are unqualified must leave.

There are two main categories: one group of Neopians will say the correct word in a speech bubble, while the other group is made up of unqualified citizens whose speech bubble contains a misspelt word. There is a long queue; you are given a time period of 60 seconds to let as many qualified scholars in for each level as you can. If you let an unqualified Neopet enter, you lose a chance. When all your chances are used up, you will be fired!

Press the DOWN arrow key to chase away the unqualified Neopians. Press the UP arrow key to let the qualified scholars enter the gate.

There will be a total of five levels. As the levels increase, more scholars are needed to fill the examination hall. This will require you to react faster and faster as the level increases.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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