Igloo Garage Sale - The Game

NP Ratio:
75NP per 100pts scored

Type dubloon during game play then there will be a 50% chance of a dubloon falling which is worth 50 points each

Game revamped Oct 06, the reviews below may not work with the newer game

Mika and Carassa are at it again, it seems their attic of old bric-a-brac is constantly full! Use the arrow keys to control Mika left and right to pick up the items that Carassa throws down the screen, and use the up key to jump.

Be careful not to break anything - if you drop five items in any one level its GAME OVER!

If you get one of the coins on the easy levels, drop one item on the ground. The next level, if you get all the items without dropping any, you get the score added together x 2 (i.e if you get 75 on the first level and drop one item, and then get 30 on the next round without dropping anything. You would get 105 x 2 score. Your total score if you did this on the first and second level would be 210) - Dieing_poet

If you find yourself faced with a bomb, yes, you can let it fall, but there is always the risk of being caught with it, and I counted it takes at least 3 seconds to recover, whereas if you let a bomb fall on your head, if you continue to press in the direction you want, it will take only 1 second. So no need to panic when you have an item near a bomb. - animals2606

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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