Ice Cream Machine

NP Ratio:
10NP per 100pts scored

score 14750+ at Ice Cream Machine (it might be lower)

A very good game guide can be found here

Type strawberryvanillachocolate you get another life. it can be typed in any time, during a level or in between but it only works once. - couturecrazy

The rules are very easy as all you have to do is move your mouse to avoid the flying ice creams, some have toppings for extra points – Chocolate, strawberry caramel.

Not all ice creams are bad:

There are

Scoop Shield - They block ice creams for a short time – Good
Big Chias – they increase your size – Bad
Strawberry bomb – get rid of all ice creams on screen – not really good or bad
Cherry bonus – 100 extra points – Good
Minuses – these slow ice creams down for short while – Good
Plus – speed up – sometimes good, sometimes bad
Heart – extra life – Good
Fish Negg - 250 points – Good

The amount of scoops needed in level order is -

Strawberry – 25
Vanilla - 50
Chocolate – 75
Mint - 100
Blueberry – 125
Vanilla chocolate chip – 150
Strawberry vanilla chocolate – 175
Peach – 200
Vanilla Chocolate Swirl - 225 (provided by cottoncandygirl113)
Double Chocolate - 250 (provided by xtenshistarx)
Tigersquash - 275 (provided by natty293)
Rainbowberry - 300 (provided by poohtoze)
Garlicy wartburst - 325 (provided by snowangel9491)

On the whole the game is great and very addictive but the score for it, unless your really good is a bit measly. It’s a great improvement to the old game. I hope you like the game and review, please neomail me if you need help - blueberryflop

Additional information provided by other players

At the end of a level leaving the game for a few minutes you hear a bong and a cartoon man takes over your chia on the pause screen then if you play it goes back to a chia. But the cool thing was that after playing for a couple level's one of the ice cream scoops had his head on it. I got tons of points for it but don't know how many. I timed it and it took 3 mins for the man to show up.. ~ lachessiss

When you play the game and when you finished a level wait some time then there's a odd sound "UFO" - like and the chia turns into a staff member! but only when the ice splats over the screen! ~ louietn

You know when you wait for 3 minutes after a level and Adam pops up. And in a later level you get his head. Just to let you know it is worth 1000 np - i_like_chocolate1996

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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