Hasee Bounce

NP Ratio:
300NP per 100pts scored

Type doughnutfruit resets the timer, once per game

Hasee bounce high to get the yummy Doughnutfruit (which comes in lots of flavours)! Watch out for dung and other nasty things that make Hasee sick. Collect the letters to spell HASEE to extend your time!

To play Hasee Bounce you will need to use the mouse. Move left and right to position the Hasee in the correct place and then press the left mouse button to make one Hasee jump down and the other Hasee jump up. (*you do not HAVE to use the mouse, if you DO use keys the doughnutfrui and the t later tip will NOT work ~ Lin)

NOTE : Woogy the Orange Hasee only picks up orange letters and Jimmi the Purple Hasee only picks up purple letters. They both love all types of Doughnutfruit though!

There are all kinds of doughnut fruits that are worth different amounts.
Flaming = 18 points
Checkered = 12
Icy = 20
Gold = 10
Silver = 5
Green = 4
Blue = 3
Sponge = 15
Rainbow = 40
Fish = 50 Thanks to Quidditchlvr691

Orange Shirt Guy = 48 or 84 (had reports of both)

If you spell out hasee in all one colour you get the 40 seconds for spelling hasee and points. You get 20 for spelling it in mixed colours.

* I have found out that the cheat for typing "doughnutfruit" (without quotations) can be done faster without wasting much time. When you are beginning to start the game and it starts to countdown, start typing "doughnutfrui" (again without quotations and notice the t on fruit is missing). So now, you dont have to leave some time to type the rest. Just when the time is about to run out, press the "t" and it will work the same way!^_^ ~ candy_girl1921

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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