Hannah and the Ice Caves

NP Ratio:
2NP per 100pts scored

Having completed the Pirate Caves, Hannah's back, and this time she's not alone

In Hannah and the Ice Caves you have help from your friend Armin the Bori. He may not be able to jump as high as Hannah (he can only jump 1 step high and 2 spaces across, also he can't swim but he can paddle. However, Armin can crawl through snow and destroy some enemies by running them over.

To complete each level you must guide both Hannah and Armin to the exit. Open the door by collecting every piece of treasure on the level. Be careful when running as the icy ground will make you slide all over the place!

To switch between characters press s, this is particularly handy, if you need one character to stay crouched, switch to the other, and it will remain safe. (I have colour coded the characters on the guides so you know when to switch)

don't forget, if one character gets killed, both do!

so make sure (especially on the later levels) that you keep the one your not using in a safe place, until you can guide it to the exit.

There are 25 levels! - and 5 bonus levels ***

The guide I had was incomplete and I have been given permission to link to a wonderful, complete guide which is regularly being improved, so it makes more sense for me to link to it rather than copy it across

= Gem - there are 10 spread across the first 25 levels
= Extra life - sometimes these are worth leaving, as the risk often kills you anyway
= Treasure chest - you need to collect EVERY one of these to complete the level.
= dynamite- can blow up boulders, boxes and icicles, but also Hannah and Armin
= icy Fireball - can only be killed if something is dropped onto it
= frozen enemy 1 - Hannah cannot kill him, Armin can run him over
= frozen enemy 2 - Hannah cannot kill him, Armin can run him over - but beware of his spear
= frozen enemy 3 - Hannah cannot kill him, Armin can run him over - but beware of his spikey back
= Snow beast - Can only be killed if something falls on him
= Arrow boxes - beware which way these may shoot
= Boulders - these can crush both Armin and Hannah, as well as all the enemies, but most important, these can be pushed to crush icicles, so Hannah and especially Armin can get to places more easily.
= Snow - only Armin can crawl through this, even after he breaks through the ice, Hannah still CANNOT fit through

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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