The Great Qasalan Caper

NP Ratio:
50NP per 100pts scored

Type in "caperiffic" at the start of the game
Type caperiffic to get a time bonus ( works only once per game )

To honour his beloved Nabile, Jazan ordered his finest craftsmen to create 100 golden statues to present to her on her birthday. Rumour has it that they are being stored in the Qasalan Royal Treasury until that day. Heermeedjet and Merouladen have also heard this rumour, and have hatched a devious plan to infiltrate the treasury and steal the priceless statues for themselves.

The treasury, however, is a complex maze, full of dangerous Petpets, and is considered quite perilous. Only with a great deal of cunning and speed will the two Meerca brothers manage to pull off the heist before the guards arrive!

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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