Gourmet Club Bowls

NP Ratio:
100NP per 100pts scored

score 900+

Type shepherd on the opening game, before you even start, you will hear a round of applause if it has worked, press continue, and you will receive double the score at the end of each round

Type superbowl skips levels

a really good ability is the one to hit your opponents ball out of the game...an easy way to do this is to: place your cursor over the opponents ball (to knock their ball straight, place your cursor over middle of ball... use common sense to hit their ball in different angles) then, without moving your cursor, touch and hold an eraser to a pencil to the ball in your players hands (may not be a good idea on a plasma screen) then, move your cursor in as straight a line as possible to the player. (if you messed up, just move your player up and down so the eraser and ball meet) congrats! all you have to do is click down and pull back and your player is perfectly aligned with the opponents ball--thanks to ss1teentrunks

What better way to relax after a nice plate of rare, expensive food than a game of bowls. We don't mean bowling either, that game has no finesse, no skill. We mean bowls!

In this game, you play against a variety of opponents. You each get to roll one of your bowls (yours are red, your opponent's are blue) down the green to try and get it closest to the jack (the white ball). You may knock your opponent's bowls out of play, and he may do the same to you, but if the jack goes out of play your opponent gets 2 points.

At the end of each round, points are awarded depending on the number of bowls in play that you have nearest to the jack. If there are two blue balls closest, that means you score two points. The first to 7 wins the match, and moves on to play a harder opponent! Lastly, watch out, in later levels there may be hazards on the green that will hinder your play.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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