NP Ratio:
80NP per 100pts scored

Type frumball in at any time you are playing it will give you an extra life. You can only do this once per game

Type kougra to skip a level

if you play the zen mode and beat the game (get to the 50th level) they let you send your score! so you can get a lot of neopoints ~ papacoheed

To play Frumball you must hit the ball into the other larger balls to make them vanish. You must use the mouse to control the intergalactic space bat. If you fail to hit the ball, you lose a life - lose all your lives and its GAME OVER. Sometimes a power-up will fall from the screen, if you pick this up with your bat something good may happen!

power-up balls that drop marked with letters =

B = double ball good as long as you keep one up you don't lose a life
S = small bat bad
P = speed up ball depends
L = slow ball bad
E = enlarge bat good
X = extra life good
Z = warp 3 levels depends
F = reinforce balls*3 bad
O = invisible ball bad
M = multiball good same as B
V = avoid the pant devil  
C = crazy bounces (not very crazy)
G = glue (makes the ball stick to your bat)
A = 1 point hit blocks means you only need hit them once
I = indestructable cool goes through all the balls and only bounces off walls
T = triple bat a three humped bat that is slightly disjointed not as good as enlarged bat
  if you get a giant Chokato grab it it's worth 1000 points

Review by magnacarta28

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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