Freaky Factory

NP Ratio:
60NP per 100pts scored

Yoinked avatar  Score 1250+

To get a good score on this game you need to put those kreludite blobs in the according colour that they match up with. When a grundo thief pops up click on him to get rid of him. On the side there is the plushie you need to make next. each of the little notchy things represents each of the notches on the big pot things. I try to fill them all up even if I do not need it for the next Plushie as you will never know if you need it. The numbers by the Plushie you make next says how many you need to make (1,2 or 3)

primary secondary rainbow
Jubjub 1 2 3
Poogle 2 4 6
Scorchio 3 6 9
Kau 4 8 12
Chomby 5 10 15

Primary colours: (red, yellow, blue)  Secondary colours (Green, purple, orange)

Mutated Blobs:

  • Angel - Can fill up a tank completely. Also can make an angel plushie if hits plushie on conveyer belt. Great

  • Evil - A lot of waste caused. If hits Plushie on conveyer belt makes evil plushie and loss of points. Awful. Avoid At all costs (these are the ones with three holes instead of 2)

  • Ice - Slows Conveyer Belt. Bad

  • Purple - Speeds conveyer belt up. Great

  • Radioactive - Upgrades all of your plushies on conveyer belt. IE Primary to secondary, Secondary to Rainbow, Rainbow stays the same. Great

  • Atom - fills all the vaults (very rare blob). Awesome

  • Clock - Sets hands of time clock back, giving you more time. Awesome

Ps - Try and fill up the conveyer belt even if you only need one as you get more points for plushies on the conveyer belt and in the queue.

Pps - if you miss with the kreludite and it hits a plushie it will change to that colour. Bad if secondary or rainbow and no change if it is a primary

Ppps - if the kreludite is moving at different speeds they are harder to get. if it is going fast than you need to let the kreludite go earlier. if you think you will miss don't attempt it.

thanks for reading. - littlecooker1

Occasionally Adam pops up out of one of the vats and burps. This means that Adam has eaten all of the kreludite in that vat. Very bad! - angrymob

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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