Extreme Herder

NP Ratio:
400NP per 100pts scored

Score 250+

type freeze ONCE during the game to freeze Balthazar

I think that all that is really needed is practice. Although that is true for all games. But here are some tips for those who need help.

At the start of each level, try to start as close as you can in the corner where Balthazar comes from so you can get the nearest Petpets to safety so you only have the farthest pets to get to safety.

At the start of each level, start in the corner where Balthazar comes out from. You can get the Petpets closer to the gate faster so you will have less Petpets to worry about.

This tip is probably one of the most helpful of all. When you see Balthazar getting close to a group of Petpets, pick up the one closest to Balthazar and move farther away a little. Then drop it and get another pet. Keep doing this until you get to the gate. Remember, this is a lot harder the more pets you left behind at the start of the level.

As for power ups. Only get power ups if you can get them on your way to a petpet. Although for freeze power ups, those are better so you can go a little out of the way to get these but don't get them if you have to abandon a petpet. Remember that when Balthazar is frozen you can walk right through him and not get eaten.

If you carefully examine Balthazar's path, you can see an opening between Balthazar and the corral or the wall that is wide enough for you to fit through. Make use of this and you can get farther.

If you can't save a petpet, don't let the pet get eaten. Run into Balthazar yourself. The Petpets and Balthazar will get reset and you won't lose the point that the petpet carries. It will be a lot easier to do this than let Balthazar eat a petpet and make you lose a point and it won't get reset.

This is all the tips I have. Make use of them. Remember, the main trick to getting high scores is practice so practice these tips and I'm sure you will get a higher score than you've ever had in Extreme Herders.

Review by dragonscythe12590

low quality on extreme herder it makes the kacheek faster

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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