Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars

NP Ratio:
33NP per 100pts scored

*KABOOM* *BANG* - Mutant Fuzzles are attacking the Virtupets Space Station!!! You play Zygorax, a third class maintenance worker responsible for waste disposal... but instead of neocola cans and juppie stalks, today you have to dispose of something far far scarier...

Hop inside your X-Scrub 4000 Walker Bot and patrol the outside of the space station, using your laser cannons to shoot the enemies. Earn points for each kill, and spend these at the end of each level to upgrade your walker.

Use the mouse to move the cross hairs and the mouse button to shoot
Rotate Left : b
Rotate Right : n
Smart Bomb : Space

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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