Dungeon Dash

NP Ratio:
20NP per 100pts scored

AAA's ego was bound to get him into trouble sometime. The young Roo's claim of being "the master of games" reached the ear of the evil King Roothless, who doesn't like anyone else being the master of... well, anything. Now, the proud king has kidnapped AAA and his sister, Abigail, and thrown them into his dungeons.

To make matters worse, Roothless has cast magic dust on the two siblings, causing them to shrink and find themselves inside of a game! Scram, a minion of Roothless, has also ended up inside the game, thanks to an accident with the magic dust. Help AAA and Abigail navigate their way out of this strange new prison before Scram catches up with them!

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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