Destruct-O-Match II

NP Ratio:
30NP per 100pts scored

score 2500+

Official Game tip ~
Type - boohooiwanttheoldgameback to launch the old version of Destructomatch... Type that during the Game Type Screen

Type - destroyboulders - Once a game and one colour (random) of boulders will be destroyed

the bonus code for destruct-o-match (destroyboulders) is obviously best to enter when you get a 250 point bonus at the end of a level to double your bonus, but you can enter it even if you don't get the full bonus. It can only be used once, of course, and it cannot be used again if you have already used the code to eliminate a color in the level. If your bonus is 200 points or less, the code will give you your bonus again, plus 50 points.

50 bonus points + code = additional 100 points, 100 bonus points + code = additional 150 points, etc, with a maximum of 250 additional points.) in other words, if you get 200 bonus points at the end of level one, the code will still give you 250 more bonus points.  you can probably find a better way to explain this if you post it on your site, and you may want someone else to help verify this to be sure it's accurate, hope this is helpful. ~ schizopotato

I noticed that when you type in 'destroyboulders', it doesn't only double your bonus- if you have any remaining boulders, it takes one away. For example, if you have 3 boulders left, it will add your bonus to the total score and also it will say 2 boulders remaining! - yipviv7

An excellent guide has been published in the Neopian Times (that is the direct link to it) by oracle419

GAMES ROOM - Have you been constantly playing Destruct-O-Match II and can't get that secret avatar? Do you play all day and fall asleep and see boulders? Well, this guide is aimed to help you to get that avatar that you have been dreaming of, literally, in just eight-nine levels. I will run through the basics and then get onto the tips that can help you increase your score and hopefully get that avatar.

The Basics:

Aim of the Game - The aim of the game is to destroy boulders by matching up two or more colours and progressing through levels as the points needed get higher and more coloured boulders are added.

Boulders - You start off the game with four coloured boulders (Blue, Green, Grey and Orange). When you reach the third level the Yellow colour is added, the Purple is added in the sixth level, and the Red is added in the tenth level. (This guide will help you to get the avatar on level eight or nine so you should hopefully have enough for the avatar before the Red boulder is added).

Level Scores - In each level you will have to reach a certain score in order to advance to the next level. The score pattern is as follows:

Level 1 : 100 points.

Level 2 : 115 points.

Level 3 : 100 points. (Yellow boulder added)

Level 4 : 115 points.

Level 5 : 130 points.

Level 6 : 100 points. (Purple boulder added)

Level 7 : 115 points.

Level 8 : 130 points.

Level 9 : 145 points.

Level 10 : 100 points. (Red boulder added)

And so on......

Special Boulders - In this game there are five special boulders. They are:

~Fire Boulder - This boulder destroys the boulders surrounding it (maximum:8).

~Timed Boulder - This boulder has a timer on it where you must destroy it (By matching it up with another boulder of its colour) before the time runs out. Destroying this boulder should be your first priority at the beginning of each level because if you do not destroy it in time then it will become a solid boulder, which only the Fire boulder can destroy.

~Question Mark Boulder (?) - This boulder adds one, horizontal, row to your game and can be used to boost your scores (I will go over this in the Tips section).

~Destruction Boulder - This boulder is the one that, I think, looks like an explosion or a sun. This boulder can be helpful to increasing your score but can also, if used wrongly, make you not succeed in passing a high level. This boulder will destroy ALL the other boulders in the level with the same colour as it.

~Multiply by Three Boulder (x3) - This boulder is very handy when trying to pass a high level when there are lots of different coloured boulders and the score needed to pass is a high one. This boulder will multiply the score you get for destroying the collection of boulders of the same colour that you have by three. So, basically, the more boulders you destroy at once the higher your score will be.

Bonuses - You can obtain bonuses at the end of each level if you are left with a certain number of boulders. They bonuses are as follows:

Four remaining boulders : 50 bonus points.

Three remaining boulders : 100 bonus points.

Two remaining boulders : 150 bonus points.

One remaining boulder : 200 bonus points.

No boulders remaining : 250 bonus points.


Now that you know the basics of the game here are the tips that should hopefully help you to get that avatar with ease...

1. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT continue playing a game unless you clear the first two levels fully and earn your 250 bonus points each.

2. In order to get the avatar by level 8 or 9 you are strongly advised to clear four levels during a game. Of course, if you can successfully finish levels 9+ you should not worry too much about this but it is advised to people that find it difficult beating level 9+ to clear four levels fully. Once you practice setting up boulders and aligning them you will become a master at earning bonus points.

3. You have probably all heard of the code that destroys one whole colour of boulders in a game but if you haven't you will learn it and also learn how to use it properly. When you type in 'destroyboulders' while playing it will destroy one whole boulder colour. But, what some people don't know, is that if you clear a level (e.g. the first) and earn your 250 bonus points you can type in the code and you will get another 250 bonus points (500 bonus points in total). This code however can only be used ONCE each game and I, personally, advise that you use it when you clear the first level.

4. If you use the destroy code and can clear at least four levels you are already guaranteed 1,250 points (half of the points needed for the avatar).

5. This is my personal strategy that I use when trying to clear a level:

-I first of all destroy the 'Timed' boulder.

-Then I destroy the boulders that I can that are the same colour as the 'Destruction' boulder and then I use the 'Destruction' boulder.

-After this is done you should have a good look at what’s left, which colours are left and how many are left.

-What I do next is I try to destroy all the coloured boulders that are the same as the 'Question Mark' boulder but I leave the 'Question Mark' boulder and a boulder(s) of the same colour together until the end.

-I then destroy ALL the remaining boulders except for the 'Question Mark' boulder (and its partner) and the boulder colour that the 'Multiplier' boulder is OR the colour that there is the most of.

-Now you should, hopefully, be left with the 'Multiplier'/dominant coloured boulders and a 'Question Mark' batch.

-You then destroy the 'Question Mark' batch and you should get more of the 'Multiplier' boulder colour.

-Finally, you destroy the last colour boulder and you should clear the entire level and earn the multiply bonus if it there was a ‘Multiplier’.

(I know that sounds long and confusing, but you will get used to it after practice.)

I hope this guide will help you with getting the Secret Avatar and increase your score. Don't forget that practice makes perfect, and by practicing you should have that avatar in no time. : )

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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